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Our Fabric

Fabric sourcing

Many fibers, such as regular cotton, require overabundant usage of pesticides and water in their cultivation, but today there is a choice, so at Delyla we focus on pesticide free yarns, like hemp, bamboo, recycled polyester, recycled cotton, and organic cotton.

Ensuring we reach the highest Canadian environmental requirements, all our fabrics are processed by the strictest ecological methods, while our dyehouse exceeds defined city limits to filter and recycle water, meeting requirements of Probe certification.

We are positive that you also want to embrace these strict standards so ensuring the health of both our Canadian workers and your environment.

Organic Cotton


Recycled Polyester

Using the highest quality combed organic cotton, grown without pesticides use; we are able to transform it into soft yet durable fabrics resulting in exceptional performance. Growing naturally and able to regenerate itself once cut, bamboo is processed within a closed loop process, resulting in retention of its natural antibacterial and wicking properties. Saving millions of PET bottles from North American landfill results in a versatile and performance recycled polyester that when also blended with cotton transforms into our exceptional tonal heather effects.