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Our Story


Josephine De Bono learnt from her pioneering father the technological secrets for essential production of surface interest knits such as  Velour, Sherpa and Terry. In 2002, Josephine founded Delyla, not only to continue this tradition, but to expand into the increasing local demands for new technology, based on environmentally respectful organic and recycled yarns.

Whilst admitting this has been far from easy when faced with the onslaught of imports, offering mostly only price advantage while suffering many technological shortcomings, Delyla’s commitment to attaining the highest global standards, makes them an obvious choice within North America for sourcing of exceptional quality sustainable knits.

As the general understanding of the need to decrease our environmental footprint expands and the use that natural/organic yarns can contribute, the public is growing more aware and starting to demand that it becomes a bigger part of their lifestyle.

Creating this new lifestyle target goes beyond just offering you fabrics, but linking through fabrication experimentation and market testing, so Delyla is taking that step into developing new technological performance levels to meet the increasingly higher consumer lifestyle requirements.   

We, the Delyla team, look forward to you joining us in this new technological adventure in lifestyle advancement.